The term 'Free Men' relates to any male that is not a slave, which is basically every man on Gor. It relates strictly to Gorean males, regardless of status or caste. All Gorean Free Men, even Outlaws, follow a specific code of conduct, ethics, and morals which dictate their overall behavior and attitude. Some cultures on Gor change these in specific ways or entirely replace some, but they all have the same basic tenets. All Gorean Free Men follow the Caste System of Gor, even Outlaws.

The Free Men Code Edit

The code that most Free Men follow is subject to cultural and societal differences dependent on region and upbringing, but is largely the same as stated here. Please understand that this is not a direct quote from the Chronicles of Gor, but interpreted from the decades of experience of the Wiki staff.

  1. Protect Thine Home Stone
  2. Protect Thine Family
  3. Protect Thine Property
  4. Honour Thyself and Thine Home Stone
  5. Thought and Common Sense
  6. Never Harm Those of Thine Home Stone or Family
  7. Never Harm Another Man's Property without Permission

Castes Edit

Free Men may join any Caste that they wish because of their status as men. Only certain Castes are separated by economic differences.

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