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Welcome to the Gorean Lore Wiki

This wiki is designed to be an educational encyclopedia about the world, lore, and lifestyle of Gor. For those interested in the world of Gor and advanced Domination and submission through the Gorean lifestyle, this is a great place for you. Created by Goreans for the world to enjoy.


Combat & War, Culture, Fauna & Flora, Food & Drink, Free Men & Women, Lifestyle, Locations, Medicine, Slaves, Space, Technology

Wiki Disclaimer

Gorean Lore is an adults only wiki. It is meant for 18 years of age or older, as limited by the laws of its owner's country of origin. Gorean Lore does contain nudity (including full body nudity and scenes of erotica), adult thematic elements, adult language, depictions of adult violence and scenes, erotic thematic elements, sexual thematic elements, and general adult content which may not be suitable for all audiences. Gorean Lore and its Staff are not responsible for anything conducted outside of its realm through its educational content.

This wiki is meant purely to be educational and as unbiased as possible to provide a true learning experience of Gor. This is not a roleplay wiki. This is not a gaming wiki.

This wiki is currently provided only in English. For translations, please contact the Gorean Lore staff.

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Gorean Lore does not provide the Chronicles of Gor or any official content of Gor. If you wish to read the novels, please purchase the novels from various book wholesalers or from the many publicly available content.

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