Kajirii (pronounced Kah-jeer-ee), Kajirus (pronounced Kah-jeer-oos) for singular, are the male slaves of Gor and consist of less than 5% of the entire population. Unlike kajirae, Kajirii are not as sought after because in the Gorean's mind a kajirus is the lowest form of the Gorean species. Kajirii are often very prized once attained, but are more often ridiculed and treated less than Peasants and Kajirae. They are at the bottom of the Gorean social hierarchy. Goreans believe that Men are by natural virtue to be incapable of submission so when a man decides to submit to another, he is basically committing the greatest sin possible. Kajirii live the hardest, most brutal lives of any Gorean.

Note: Unlike in many online/gaming communities that involve Gor, kajirii are not the most populous. In fact, they are even rarer than kajirae. So rare that it is likely that less then 100 kajirii live on Gor. They are incredibly difficult to procure due to their rarity, their social status, and that most of them are trained heavily in combat, tactics, warfare, politics, and economics before they even ever become a slave. They are even more expensive to train than kajirae because of their rarity and social status.

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